We don't pretend that we understand everything. We have our specialization, in which we excell. Thanks to this narrow speciality, we have probably dealt with your problem before, hence we will know answer to your questions.

Take a look at the areas, at which we are really good.

Public Contracts

We know how to organize a faultless competitive tender for EU grants. We orchestrate them for the second programming period.

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Business contracts

Make your business easier. By comprehensible contracts, which are a sight for sore eyes.

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Real estates

We will reflect a home safety in your contracts. We know the entire process of purchase of a real estate and especially which steps are worthy of attention.

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Business corporations

For real life. From a foundation of a company, sideletters and general meetings to dissolution and liquidation of a company.

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E – Commerce

We are 35 years old. We grew up in the online world. Moreover, we have 10 years' experience in the area of law.

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Mergers & acquisitions

We love shopping.

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We are a family business – literally. Pavel KROUPA and Jiří HELÁN are cousins. Our work is built on professionalism, quality, punctuality, and long-term relationships. Our services are forthcoming in Brno and Prague. We are devoted to advocacy practised with HONESTY and ENTHUSIASM.

We also think of others. We support the charitable funds „Cesta talentu“ and „Lepší vyhlídky“.

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Our family

We believe that contented employees make contented clients. Hence we care for our people like a real family. We select the best ones at a university. We are close-knit, well coordinated team which enjoys life.


We are growing by leaps and bounds. We are constantly seeking for new talents to join us in our offices in Brno and Prague. Are you achieving great results in law and enjoying your life? Do you fancy learning new things?


We don't hide our know-how. We share it. Subscribe to our legal newsletter and get answers to topical legal questions.



Learn how to use law in practice. We are the authors of the first online courses regarding the new Czech Civil Code, Business Corporations Act and Public Contracts Act in the Czech Republic. All courses are for free. All you need is the internet and, primarily, fancy for education.

##Chci zkontrolovat své stránky##


We have been checking and preparing contracts for transfer of real estate for 5 years. Each year, we give hundreds of contracts a going-over, therefore we are familiar with all mistakes and tricks. We provide attorney's deposit of a purchase price. We will make sure that everything passes off safely and without complications.

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We read the first Czech book about web design three times. Then we wrote contracts based on it.

We always try to gain insight into a client's business at first. And we will treat you the same way.

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